What to do when you’ve been robbed, and how to recover what’s been stolen

1: Call the police

Obviously the first thing to do after a burglary or robbery is to call your local law enforcement agency. Here in Creek county, it would the Creek County Sheriff’s office, in the city limits of Sapulpa, it would be the Sapulpa Police Department. Once they arrived one should have all pertinent information ready to give them. In the case of a burglary, it would be when do you think it happened? Did any of the neighbors see or hear anything? and last but not least, a detailed list of the items stolen.

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2: Get it on video

To aid you in the case of a burglary or robbery, Sheriff Bret Bowling suggests taking a video of one’s personal or business property. He also has what he called the “ten-second rule,” which means “big-ticket” items such as electronics, appliances, or business equipment, take at least ten seconds to capture a close-up of the model and the serial number of that item. One should then store that video on a flash drive or an SD card, label it, and put it in a safe place.

3: Use a Buddy System

Sheriff Bowling also recommends if one is going to be out of town, leave a document signed by you and whoever you want to have permission to call the police and file a report. This saves time and time is of the essence in solving theft crimes.

4: Tell every little detail

In the case of a robbery, try to remember to recall as much as you can about the suspect, the smallest, most insignificant detail may be the key to apprehending the criminal who perpetrated the crime.