“We can do better:” some restaurants opt to close anyway, despite being allowed to remain open

After Monday’s the City Council meeting, where they narrowly passed a resolution to allow dining rooms to remain open with restrictions, Sapulpa Times met with David Mortazavi, who said that in his opinion, the city council should’ve closed down everybody for 14 days.

Despite directly benefitting from the city council’s decision, David Mortazavi, along with his brother and co-owner Jerry Mortazavi, made the decision to close the dining room of their Sapulpa staple, Steak and Eggs, on the corner of Mission and Taft.

In a similar fashion, CTX Coffee at 114 E. Dewey Ave, made the decision to close their dining room and move to curbside orders only at the beginning of the week. “We’re doing it out of love for our community,” says owner Jacob Birdwell. “We just don’t want to run the possibility of being the place where this could be spread.”

CTX Coffee made the decision to close their shop at the beginning of the week.

In a message to Sapulpa Times, Steak and Eggs co-owner David Mortazavi gave his reasoning behind making the decision to close their restaurant’s dining room and urges people to “call your city attorney, city manager, and councilors. Let your voices be heard…” the full message is included below. It’s been slightly edited for spelling.

Last night, many of the local businesses met to discuss the possibility of closing restaurant dining areas due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19. At this meeting, I made it known that this was only one aspect of what needed to be done for our community to stop the spread of this awful disease.

All businesses should be treated the same. That was the opinion I shared last night and also that this virus is a serious threat to everyone’s way of life.

You do not realize how often you come into contact with things that can spread the virus outside of just dining. You walk into crowded Walmarts with people coughing, sneezing, and touching items before you. The same continues at Quicktrip. While yes, these businesses are essential because we all need food and fuel; we can do better.

Grocery stores should be limited to 10 at a time and gas stations should only allow 2 people at a time inside of the store.

Again, I reiterated last night that this virus is dangerous and we all need to do our part.

In accordance with that, I discussed this in-depth with my Brother and business partner, Jerry. We have come to the ultimate conclusion that we will be doing our part. From henceforth our restaurant dining area will be closed and Steak and Eggs will be carryout only.

People, call your city attorney, city manager, and councilors. Let your voices be heard that we can do better. We can be better. The only thing is all businesses must be treated to a degree of reasonableness. We all need to do our part.

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Micah Choquette

Micah Choquette

Micah is the Owner and Publisher of Sapulpa Times.