Warehouse Market Becomes Price Mart Discount Foods

As many Sapulpans have noticed, Warehouse Market, at 2020 South Main Street, has undergone a transformation. For the past several months, major remodeling has been taking place.

The store has new energy-efficient, bright LED lighting, new coolers and freezers, new shelving, and a completely different store layout. The store also has a new name, Price Mart Discount Foods.

Sapulpa Times reached out to Warehouse Market’s corporate office to see what was behind the changes.

A company spokesperson issued the following statement:

“Early this year Warehouse Market, Inc.’s Corporate Management was approached about changing names from Warehouse Market to Price Mart Discount Foods ‘home of PriceBuster low prices.’ With the buying power of such a large group of over 1,800 grocery stores that Price Mart is already affiliated with, shoppers are going to be very pleased with not only the newly remodeled Price Mart ‘Fresh Look,’ they are also going to find great variety with great prices throughout the entire store. Hundreds of new items have been added to the great lineup of the variety Warehouse Market already had previously.”

Since Warehouse Market has had a presence in Sapulpa for well over half a century, Sapulpa Times asked the company spokesperson about Warehouse, Inc’s long-term commitment to Sapulpa customers. 

He stated that Warehouse Market, Inc. is still the owner since 1938, and will continue to serve Sapulpa customers in the future. He went on to say that all current employees will remain and new employees have been hired “to be sure there is great service [customers] have learned to expect.” He also emphasized, “Price Mart Discount Foods is a great brand name and is allowing ‘PriceBuster Deals’ to be offered 365 days per year. Price Mart will have weekly advertising promotions, including handbills mailed to your home, Facebook ads, email blasts, television and newspaper ads, but, even better, customers will be surprised from the first time they shop at Price Mart when they see the PriceBuster Pricing! Ad items are priced very competitively.”

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Charles Betzler

Charles Betzler

Charles Betzler is a contributing writer for Sapulpa Times.