Walmart tightens restrictions

In April of this year, Walmart began limiting the capacity in its stores to 20 percent occupancy to encourage social distancing. The retail giant ended this policy as cases declined. However, since COVID-19 is increasing exponentially all over the country, Walmart is again counting customers entering and leaving to maintain 20 percent occupancy.

Walmart spokesman, Kory Lundberg said: “We know from months of metering data in our stores that the vast majority of the time our stores didn’t reach our self-imposed 20% metering capacity. Out of an abundance of caution, we have resumed counting the number of people entering and leaving our stores.”

Black Friday at Walmart will spread out over a three-week period to reduce crowds in the stores. It is encouraging its customers to shop online if possible. Customers are reminded that face masks are required to enter Walmart stores.
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Charles Betzler

Charles Betzler

Long-time Sapulpa resident, Charles Betzler, followed his father, Charlie, into the radio and TV repair business. At age 9, he fixed his first broken radio and his first love is vintage audio equipment. In his 50 + years of technical work, graduation from OSUIT, and years of Continuing Education, Charles, in his capacity as Emergency Management Director of nearby city, designed the Emergency Operations Center, and the radio-activation system for the sirens. In his long career, he has repaired every type of consumer electronics from black-and-white TVs to the latest lap-top.