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VIDEO: Tilted traffic lights warn of an oversized load

No, you weren't seeing things. Those traffic lights were tilted. On purpose.

Drivers down Main Street or Taft on Saturday morning might have noticed an odd sight if they were paying attention—all of the southbound traffic light poles on Main were tilted, and their lights were turned horizontally.

This monster of a rig was 23ft. high and 275ft long!

Sapulpa Police received a number of calls about the situation, people thinking something had hit them during the night. As it turned out, the poles were tilted on purpose to make way for this mammoth load to make its way through town. What some have said is a large pressure nozzle, standing about 23 ft. high and stretching some 275 ft. long, the oversized load was apparently bound of Ohio, by way of the Port of Catoosa.

Watch the video of this really big rig being moved across the railroad tracks at Taft. Notice that they had to actually remove the railroad lights!

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