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Victims identified in Sapulpa fatality accident on Friday night

Police have identified the two victims who died in a two-car collision on the Rock Creek Bridge on Friday evening.

The two victims in Friday night’s fatality accident in Sapulpa have been identified, as more details about how the accident happened are continuing to emerge.

Sapulpa Police have identified Robert Sherman, 48, and Charlene Nault, 50, as the victims who died in a two-car collision that happened on the Rock Creek bridge on Hickory street on Friday at about 7pm.

Police told Sapulpa Times in a phone statement on Monday afternoon that witnesses say the victims lived just 300 yards from the scene of the accident, and had just left Nault’s home.

Police say the couple were traveling south on Hickory in a 2007 Pontiac sedan and for some reason, lost control of the vehicle right as they were crossing the bridge, where they collided with a 1995 Ford F-350. Police say the F-350 struck the car in the driver-side door. Both victims were declared dead at the scene.

According to Sapulpa Police, there were two people in the truck. The driver was transported to hospital just to be checked out. The passengers was checked out on scene and a friend came and picked him up. No word on injuries to either of those parties.

While there is an investigation underway and a full report will be released the coming weeks, police are saying that as of now, it doesn’t look like speed was an issue, they didn’t say whether or not drugs or alcohol played a part in the accident. At the scene, supervisors said the amount of sand on the bridge may have been a contributing factor.

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  • Avatar Richard.W.Snyder says:

    May they both RIP !!!!!!!!

  • Avatar Tonya Johnson says:

    Praying for there families in this time of need…. R.I.P

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