Vandals steal at least four flags from downtown Sapulpa


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For years, Main Street and Dewey Avenue in Sapulpa have been adorned with American, Oklahoma and military flags during the summer, showing appreciation to those who have served our country.

Today, Sapulpa has four fewer flags than it had yesterday, and it appears to be the work of vandals. The flag holders have been bent, perhaps beyond repair, and the flags themselves were removed.

Kent Daniel, of Daniel Lawn Care and who also takes care of the City’s flower projects, first noticed the missing flags when he began watering flowers at 2:50am this morning.

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“One of them was bent so badly it was almost broken, and I had to move it out of the way so a truck wouldn’t hit it,” he said.

Formerly displaying flags at a proud 45-degree angle, the flagless holders now stick out awkwardly amongst the flowers and streetlights.

Only flags on the south side of Dewey Avenue were taken. An inspection on Main Street shows none of those flags were harmed.

American Legion of Sapulpa is responsible for the placement and maintenance of the flags. They were not aware of the vandalism until Sapulpa Times reached out to them about it. Officials at American Legion are now considering removing all the flags to prevent further vandalism. “We’ve never any problem until this year,” they said.

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