Tulsa woman arrested in Sapulpa on embezzlement and forgery charges

A Tulsa woman was arrested on June 21st on charges of forgery, embezzlement, and possession, Sapulpa Times has learned.

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According to an arrest affidavit, Sapulpa Police officer Josh Moreno was dispatched to Sapulpa’s Super 8 Motel to investigate a report of credit card fraud on early Tuesday afternoon. When he arrived, the motel owner told police that one of his employees, 41-year-old Stephanie Carr, had been stealing cash from the register and using previous customers’ credit cards to pay for the rooms in order to hide the missing money.

Stephanie Carr

Officer Moreno reviewed surveillance footage that, according to the police, shows Carr checking in a new customer who is paying with cash and then using a previous customer’s credit card to actually pay for the room while pocketing the cash herself.

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Other surveillance footage shows Carr counting out the cash and, later still, she’s seen manually running credit cards without any customers present.

A review of the fraudulent transactions by police revealed that Carr had used four separate guests’ credit cards, running them a total of 37 times in less than 7 days. The total amount in the charges was more than $5400.

According to the affidavit, upon her arrest on June 21st, Carr admitted to police she might have drugs in her purse, which police were able to locate and identify as methamphetamine. Police also found 11 pieces of paper with credit card numbers, as well as notations identifying whether they were still usable.

Carr has been charged numerous times with possession, including distribution in 2015, as well as forgery charges and stolen property charges in 2004.