Trump, Lawson, and Hilbert carry local election results


Oklahoma was once again one of the reddest states in the union as the results from the election on November 3rd came rolling in.

A fitting end to a record turnout of early and in-person voting, President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence won 111,109 votes in absentee mail, 109,069 votes in early voting, and 792,692 votes on election day for a grand total of 1,018,870 votes, more than twice that of Democratic nominee Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Rounding out the top three was Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen and running mate Jeremy Cohen with 24,686.

As for local elections, Todd Hiett won Corporation Commissioner with 76% of the vote, and Jim Inhofe retained his seat as United States Senator with 62.91% of the vote. Inhofe has said it will be his last term.


In county-related elections for State Representative, Kevin Hern won 83% of the vote for District 01, and Frank Lucas won 78% of the vote for District 03. Kyle Hilbert won District 29 with 82% of the vote, and Mark Lawson beat Chuck Threadgill at 77% of the vote to retain his seat in District 30. Lonnie Sims won District 68 with 72% of the vote.

Also elected were Matthew John Kane for District 1 Supreme Court, Tom Colbert for District 6 and Richard Darby for District 9. For the Court of Criminal Appeals, voters said yes to District 2’s Robert Hudson and District 3’s Gary Lumpkin. For the Court of Civil Appeals, voters said yes to Jane Wiseman for District 1, Office 2, and Deborah Barnes for District 2, Office 1, and to Keith Rapp for District 2, Office 2.


Voters overwhelmingly did not pass State Question No. 805, by a margin of 73.19% to 26.81%, and also voted no on State Question 814, but by a smaller margin of 40.76% to 59.24%.

This story appeared in the Sapulpa Times Print Edition for November 8th, 2020. Download the full Digital Edition here.