Trout About: Annual Trout Derby coming up on Saturday



Registration open until August 23rd.

On Thursday, 500 pounds of rainbow and golden (yellow) trout were stocked at Pretty Water Lake in northwest Sapulpa as another season kicks off. That’s about 1,000 or so fish. The lake was closed to fishing and boating until Saturday’s opening day and Annual Trout Derby from 8 a.m. to noon.

Mary Hinsch, who with hubby Todd manages Petty Water and Sahoma Lakes, said that subsequent stockings of around 225 pounds will take place monthly on Wednesdays, November through March.

Pretty Water has three fishing docks, plenty of shoreline access, the half-mile walking trail is ADA accessible. Anglers have to have an Oklahoma Fishing License and a city permit. Anyone, nine and older also have to have a City of Sapulpa fishing permit — available nearby at the Sahoma Lake Bait Shop, or at area Walmart sporting goods counters.

Permits are $5.48 per day or $16.43 for the season, kids aged 9 to 16 are offered discounted permits. They and seniors over 65 can get season passes for $10.95; the family pack is $27.38 (cash or checks only).

Mary and Todd also have bait and equipment along with tips on how to catch the very edible fish.

The natural spring-fed 25-acre lake is one mile west of Highway 97 on 86th Street. No gas-motor boats are allowed. The summer channel catfish and hybrid panfish program has just closed but the fish don’t know it.

The daily trout limit at Pretty Water is five, not six as it is in other Oklahoma waters. The fine for violation is $249. You will want to check in at the bait shop before you go fishing. Phone: 918-227-1534.

There are fines for littering and dogs are to be leashed. Otherwise, trout fishing is “pretty” hassle-free at Pretty Water. Wading anglers can reach some additional areas for fishing if they wear chest waders but the lake is silty so you’ll want a walking stick and to take care on footing. There are private property boundaries, but kayaks, bass buggies, Jon boats and the like (electric trolling is fine) add some advantage over the shorelines and docks.

And here’s a worthwhile tip or two: For trout you’ll want lightweight or ultra-light gear and 4- or 6-pound-test line with spoons like Little Cleos and Super Dupers, spinners like small Mepps or Panther Martin or other rooster-tails, or string up a line with a bobber and a nightcrawler or one of the many varieties of manufactured baits like Berkeley Power Bait. Fly fishermen can use small streamer patterns, wooly buggers or try a micro-jig under a strike indicator. Remember that in addition to the trout the lake has bass, crappie, sunfish and channel catfish.
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