Train derailment in Sapulpa is blocking intersections throughout town


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UPDATE: We received a statement from BNSF with the following:

At approximately 8:47 central time, two cars carrying sand derailed.  No injuries or haz mat involved.  We have personnel on scene who will work to rerail the two cars. Cause is under investigation. 

A train derailment in Sapulpa on Saturday morning has drivers looking for alternate routes on almost every east and westbound street in town.

The derailment seems to be only a single car, which uncoupled from the car behind it and turned over just under the line street bridge just before 9:00 AM on Saturday morning, according to workers at the scene.

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The car does appear to be leaking a sand-like substance, which was described by workers as “fracking sand” but has also been described as sand for the glass plant near the site of the derailment.

There have been no injuries reported, and the contents leaking from the car have been deemed non-hazardous.

Railroad employees told Sapulpa Herald they weren’t sure how long it would take to clean up the mess, but that the intersections should be clear first after the remaining cars are able to be pulled away from the wreckage.

For now, drivers are being advised to cross the tracks at the Line Street bridge or under the tracks at Bryan Avenue.

This is a developing story, and details may change. Stay tuned. See photos from the site below:

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