Trailer Park car thief facing additional charges from Game Warden

Lucas Lawson had what you might call a rough day last week; all at his own expense, of course.

We first reported that he had crashed his vehicle on 81st and then stolen another from a trailer park, then fell asleep in it.

New details about this case are now coming out that tell us what he’d been doing before his car crashed (besides taking Xanax).

Apparently Lawson is now facing additional charges from the Sapulpa Game Warden because when he crashed his vehicle (more information on that incident coming soon), he grabbed his gun and fled the scene. What’s interesting is what he left behind.

The gun he grabbed was a hunting rifle, and he had three freshly-dressed deer in the back seat of his car—and we don’t mean a coat and tie, folks.

Lawson had evidently been hunting—possibly under the influence of Xanax—and had dressed the deer out in the field and then thrown them in the backseat of his vehicle, which he then crashed into another vehicle at 81st and Hwy 66. It was then that he fled with his rifle.

Game Warden Karlin Bailey told Sapulpa Times they’re charging Lawson with three counts of possession of an illegal deer, and a more serious crime of felony possession of a firearm. This is in addition to the first-degree burglary charges that Lawson is being charged with from Sapulpa Police.

Bailey told Sapulpa Times it’s the first time he’s ever come across an incident like this, but it’s been a year for firsts; you may recall that they were called out to Sapulpa Herald earlier this year because a bobcat had been found in the bathroom.
Micah Choquette

Micah Choquette

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