The official list of where to drop of storm-related debris in Sapulpa (trees and otherwise)



This afternoon, The City of Sapulpa finally gave a definitive answer to a few questions that the public has been waiting on, one of which was where to take their debris. We told you earlier about the dump site at the gravel pit north of Rt. 66 Auto Museum, but the city has since added two more sites, and a non-tree dump site for debris like shingles and roofing, though that won’t be open until June 1st. See details below:

Where to drop off storm-related debris (no trees, limbs, etc)

The City of Sapulpa has partnered with Waste Management Services for a no-cost drop-off location at the old Convenience Center “dump” located 8801 West 100th Street. At this site, several 40-yard containers will be available on June 1 from 8 am to 4 pm for storm-related debris such as metal strips, shingles, roofing materials and the like. No tree limbs or brush will be accepted at this site.

Where to drop off tree limbs

For tree and limb debris, the City has arranged for three no-cost dropoff locations to receive tree and limb debris. The three locations that are open until further notice are:

  • North side of the Sapulpa High School tennis courts
  • North side of the Heart of Route 66 Auto Museum located at 13 Sahoma Lake Road, and
  • Behind Sapulpa City Hall at Hobson & Oak
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