The end of an era: Family Video announces they’re closing all locations

It’s the end of an era. Family Video, the last video rental store left in Sapulpa, will be closing for good.

Highland Ventures LTD, the owner of Family Video and Marco’s Pizza, announced the closure of the remaining Family Video stores in a news release.

Family Video at 222 S. Mission.

More than 250 stores are set to close following the sale of all remaining inventory, including the one in Sapulpa at 222 S. Mission.

Family Video is actually the new kid on the block, having come in after others like Blockbuster had already established themselves, and surviving all other in-store video rental options, such as those in local grocery stores.

Items for sale include not only movies, video games, television series and CBD products, but also shelving, light fixtures, and more.

Telena, an employee at the Sapulpa branch for three years, says she learned the news on Monday and is going to miss it. “It feels like home,” she says.

Liquidation sales are starting Wednesday, and will run until March 1st, or until everything is gone. The business will remain open during normal operating hours of 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
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