The Beginning of a Dream Come True: What it’s been like writing for Sapulpa Times


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Working as a writer has been a dream of mine since 3rd grade. I loved telling stories, creating worlds, and I just loved words. My school had held a “dress up as your dream profession” day during spirit week, to which I came dressed the same as every other day but I carried a pencil to signify I was an author (obviously). Over a decade later, I was forwarded the application to work for the local newspaper Sapulpa Times. 

Alex Walters

I had worked as an events writer for my college newspaper during my first year, and had thoroughly enjoyed it, so I threw my name in the hat. I was halfway surprised when contacted for an interview, because I honestly didn’t expect a response; I thought perhaps my words weren’t good enough. But, I’ve been writing for Sapulpa Times since July, and I’m very proud to say I write for such a paper (and that I write at all this way is amazing). 

These past months have been pushing me out of my comfort zone in a way that I needed by putting myself out there to ask questions and actually participate, and then crafting palatable articles like potions out of only twenty-six letters. It’s been a blast to attend events around Creek County, to see fellow residents gathering in their communities for fun and helping one another. From honoring our healthcare workers for their endless admirable efforts to gathering in thirty degree weather to celebrate such a wonderful season together, it’s been an honor to not only attend but then share the experience with even more in the community via the newspaper. To interpret information and translate it for everyone to read and have the knowledge of what’s happening in their hometowns feels important, and I’m happy and willing to do just that. 

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Seeing my name in the newspaper for the first time with my first article about Route 66 becoming a nationally recognized bike route for international bikers was exciting. I felt like I was seeing my name in blinking lights above a stage, even though it was just a short article about new signage on the roads. I had called commissioners and the Route 66 Authority, which was also new to me to have such important people’s contact information. It felt like an adventure, finishing with weaving all the gathered information together into a worthy tapestry to be published. I thoroughly enjoy writing, it’s my favorite pastime, and having it as a job almost feels like cheating the system. My goals are to have published books one day, the excitement for which grows every week as the editing for my first one draws nearer to being completed. Writing for Sapulpa Times has helped grow the passion to continue working on my manuscript, as like with any other skill, the more one practices the better they become at their craft. As the new year is now knocking at our doorsteps, I’m looking forward to attending many more meetings and events, spending time with Creek County communities, and of course, always more writing. 

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