Ten-year-old from Bristow invents fishing lure, now selling across the country

Wyatt Webb, a ten-year-old (or “ten-and-a-half,” he says) from Bristow, loves fishing.

He says he started fishing when we was “like four or five,” but he already knows his favorite kind of fishing bait: crinkle-cut french fries.

“That’s what the fish like down at the lake,” he says.


Wyatt says that catfish especially love the french fries, as well as the occasional bass. He enjoyed reeling fish in pretty frequently at Keystone Lake or on the ponds at his house. There was just one problem.

“French fries get soggy and fall off the hook,” he says.

So Wyatt and his mom and his sister set out to solve the problem by creating a brand new fishing lure; a homemade crinkle-cut french fry shape that’s made of the same material you’d find in your standard plastic worms at the bait shop.

They ordered molds and figured out how to make the new “Wyatt’s Fishy Fries” at home. When they felt they were ready to start selling them, they made a post on Facebook on March 29th.

By that Sunday, they had a full notebook of orders. Just six weeks later, and Wyatt’s Fishy Fries have now sold in every state in the country.

Wyatt Webb, 10, shows his Fishy Fries product, which, after just six weeks of business, is being sold in all 50 states.

Each order sells for $7 and contains ten of Wyatt’s Fishy Fries and two hooks in a box shaped like a french fry holder. On the front is a logo of a catfish eating crinkle-cut french fries next to an American flag. On the back is a label warning: “not for human consumption.”

Wyatt’s mom, Jai Webb, owns J’s Country Kitchen in Kellyville. Adding the label against eating the Fishy Fries was her idea. She says that the Fries—which she helps create—could be mistaken for gummy worms.

She says she’s proud of her son’s ingenuity and hard work, and says he really thinks he has a million-dollar idea with the Fishy Fries. “I asked him what he wants to buy, and he says, ‘a Lamborghini.’”

Of course, making a cool new lure is one thing, but how does it do in the water? Jai Webb showed Sapulpa Times a video of Wyatt trying his lure for the first time and reeling in a respectable-sized bass. “That was his very first cast,” she said.

Anglers from all over have submitted photos to the Wyatt’s Fishy Fries Facebook Page as well, and by all accounts, the unique lures are doing a great job of pulling in fish and have been purchased not only by individual fishermen but baitshops. “We’ve sold like 40 boxes to the same person,” Wyatt said.

Satisfied customers are catching fish on Wyatt’s Fishy Fries. “I never thought I’d say this but I caught a few good healthy smallmouth on a french fry,” this one said.

Wyatt doesn’t seem surprised that his little business is taking off. In fact, while most kids his age are thinking about summer break and entering 6th grade near year, he’s already thinking of his next Fishy Fries idea. “I think we’re going to make some that are pink,” he says.

Future iterations of the Fries may include new colors, but Wyatt says he has no plans to change from the crinkle-cut shape. He is toying with the idea of other products. They have added stickers to their products line as of now, and Jai says they’re finally getting caught up on orders.

“We never imagined we would have a back-log of orders,” she said. “We are so blessed.”

Wyatt’s Fishy Fries can be purchased via their Facebook Page.

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