T-Mobile offers broadband alternative

(Editor’s note: T-Mobile has not endorsed or provided any compensation for this story.)

Customers in rural America, for the most part, have been left out of the high-speed internet revolution. Up until now, the only choices were satellite, DSL, or small local wifi carriers who offer relatively slow speeds for quite a chunk of change. This has all changed thanks to T-Mobile’s home internet service.

T-mobile, which merged with Sprint in 2020, now offers the largest 5G network in the U.S. This “extended range” 5G network covers 180 million people over 1.6 million square miles. This represents 2.5 times the geographic coverage provided by AT&T and 4 times more than Verizon. T-Mobile’s Ultra-Capacity 5G network, with speeds ranging from 300Mbps and peak speeds, up to 1 Gbps, is now in more than 1,000 cities, and covers 106 million people, 50 times more than Verizon covers with Ultra-Wideband.

Sapulpa Times spoke to a family in Sapulpa who recently switched to the T-Mobile 5G home internet service because they were unhappy with the service provided by COX and were unable to obtain any service faster than 5Mbps from AT&T. They told Sapulpa Times that their download speed is 160Mbps and upload speed is 50Mbps. The wireless router/modem is a small cylinder that looks like an Amazon “Alexa,” and the setup was easy and effortless. The service has proven to be reliable with up to 5 devices connected to the home network and all functioning with no glitches.

The T-Mobile extended range plan is available for $50 per month with autopay. Go to www.t-mobile.com to find coverage areas and details about plans.