Suspected school shooting threat was just poor judgment, police say

A Facebook post that raised some alarm in Sapulpa about what appeared to be details for a planned school shooting turned out to be nothing more than a combination of poor judgement and misinterpretation on social media.

The students in this photo are holding ROTC rifles, which are not actual weapons.

Sapulpa Times received a press release from Captain Glenn Coffey of Sapulpa Police Department explaining how the story got started, and how SPD resolved the issue.

Captain Coffey said there was not actually a plan to carry out any shooting, and confirmed that the rifles in the photos are ROTC rifles, which are non-functioning.

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Coffey also said the juveniles would be held accountable for their actions, and that Creek County District Attorney’s Office would help coordinate that part of the situation.

See the full press release below.

Today, Sapulpa Police received information of a post on Facebook which showed a few juveniles in possession of some rifles and comments of a plan to do a shooting at the Sapulpa High School and Junior High complex.

These pictures and comments originated on Snapchat and were later posted on Facebook by a parent.

Sapulpa Police along with Sapulpa School Administration quickly began investigating the post. Police Officers and School Administration spoke with the juveniles involved and their parents. The investigation has shown there was not a plan to actually carry out any shooting and it was poor judgment from some juveniles in making the comments to begin with. It was confirmed these are non-functioning guns used in Drill Competitions.

Those juveniles involved will be receiving some form of punishment and all legal aspects are being coordinated with the Creek County District Attorney’s Office.