Suspected child rapist from Bristow found dead from self-inflicted gunshot wound

The Creek County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed a Bristow firefighter and wrestling coach has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after a short police pursuit on possible child sex abuse allegations.

According to a press release by the Creek County Sheriff’s Office, the investigation began on Sunday February 10th, when a 15-year-old victim made accusations of being raped by Daniel Sullivan. Within 24 hours, a second allegation had come to light, this one from a victim who was just 14 years old.

Sullivan, a firefighter since 2011, and well-known around Bristow’s youth wrestling circuit, was initially not named by the authorities. Eventually, people who were aware of the situation began to come forward and name the suspect, in order to protect their children. “I want people to know,” one told Sapulpa Times on Wednesday. “There may be other victims.” Wednesday afternoon, law enforcement confirmed the suspect’s identity.

After the allegations were made, Sullivan was interviewed by Sheriff’s Deputies and afterward they were able to acquire a search warrant for his residence. After speaking with the second alleged victim, investigators say they had enough evidence to make a probable cause arrest on the suspect for two counts of child sexual abuse and one count of rape.

Deputies were executing the search warrant at Sullivan’s residence south of Bristow when he drove by. The deputies at the scene began following him and attempted to make a traffic stop. Sullivan pulled over, but refused to exit his vehicle. Police say that after several attempts with no response, Deputies were able to open the door of the vehicle and found him dead from a single gunshot wound.

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