This Sapulpa Police patrol car was stolen by a suspect who had just been arrested for stealing another vehicle.

Suspect arrested after stealing a Sapulpa Police patrol car

A man arrested for stealing a truck in Tulsa subsequently stole the officer's patrol car, leading police on a second chase.

A man is in jail Monday night after leading police on a chase in one of their own patrol cars.

According to Sapulpa Police, it all started when a truck stolen out of Tulsa was spotted in the Sapulpa Walmart parking lot by a friend of the victim at about 7 pm. While police were en route to the scene, the suspect drove off in the truck, a white Ford F250. It was spotted a short time later by an officer after it nearly collided with their police unit. The truck turned west onto Thompson Avenue, ran a stop sign, turned South on Mounds Street, and continued to elude police, making its way to Mission Street.

Zachary Robinson booking photo.

The suspect, 35-year-old Zachary Robinson, somehow obtained a flat tire at some point in this chase, and turned into Junction 66 at the corner of Mission and Line streets, where he attempted to flee on foot, but was found in a shed in the backyard of the apartments behind Junction 66.

A man on a motorcycle at Junction 66, identified as Christopher Linker, said he was nearly hit by the Ford truck and had to lay the bike over to avoid getting ran over. He told the officers later that he “feared for his life,” according to the arrest affidavit.

Robinson was apprehended, handcuffed and placed into the front seat of a patrol car. He was searched and police recovered a leafy substance in his pocket and Robinson told police that he was currently under the influence of Methamphetamine.

While the officer in charge of the car was asking the supervisor a question, Robinson managed to slip his handcuffs, hopped into the driver’s seat of the patrol car, and took off. The chase ensues again.

Watch the moment that the officer realizes his car has been stolen through this bodycam footage:

The arrest affidavit stated that the patrol car had an issued AR-15 rifle and Remington 870 Shotgun inside.

The suspect drives the car east on Jackson street and into the woods near the intersection of Jackson and Moccasin Pl, where police say he collided with a tree or some brush. At that point, the suspect chose to exit the vehicle and flee on foot.

Police called their K9 unit and the Creek County K9 unit to investigate, where they found Robinson a short while later, about 170 yards from where he had left the car. He was arrested again at about 8 pm.

Later at the Sapulpa Police Department, officers were taking an inventory of the property inside the white Ford that did not belong to the victim. Inside a black backpack, they recovered two stolen vehicle titles and stolen checkbooks.

A check of Robinson’s criminal history showed multiple charges of larceny, forgery, and possessions of both firearms and stolen vehicles.

KTUL’s coverage of the incident includes body cam footage. We’ve included their story in the video below.

This story has been updated include details from the arrest affidavit, including the name of the suspect.

A previous version of this story incorrectly stated that the Robinson was placed into the back of the patrol car when being arrested. We’ve updated the story to correct that error.

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  • Avatar Jd says:

    Damn glad they caught him he was doing way past 60 turning corners up on two wheels on one of them

  • Avatar Bill says:

    Flew past my house with several City & County cops in hot pursuit.

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