Spotlight on Sapulpa: Headlines in History for September 18th

Rachel Whitney
Curator, Sapulpa Historical Museum

Friday, September, 18, 1914, Sapulpa Daily Argus: Mayor Smith Has Fears Allayed

“Mayor Smith is feeling greatly relieved following the receipt of a message from his wife yesterday. It was at first feared that Mrs. Smith and children were aboard the ill-fated “Texan” train which plunged into an open bridge near Lebanon, MO on Tuesday morning, and as the mayor did not receive any word from the following the catastrophe, he was greatly worried. The message which came yesterday morning stated that Mrs. Smith would not leave for Sapulpa until Saturday, having changed her plans at the last moment. Had she left when she first intended she would have probably been a passenger on the train that met such a horrible fate.”

Friday, September 18, 1914, Oklahoma Farmer and Laborer: Sapulpan is Among Dead

“Report has been received here that a former well known lady of this city was killed in the wreck in Missouri. A body was found but not identified until among the effects was discovered a pass book on the First National Bank of this city made out to Nellie Hatfield. Investigation showed that Nellie Hatfield had lived here several years and was the divorced wife of Earl Hatfield, now resident of Springfield. Her account on the bank had been closed on the 22nd of July when she quit her position with St James Hotel and went north to visit her baby being taken care of by an aunt in Ohio. It is supposed that she was returning from that visit and probably was on her way to this city…”


Thursday, September 18, 1957, Sapulpa Daily Herald: Lowrance Group Holds Meeting

“The Lowrance neighborhood held its regular meeting Sunday in the Lowrance Park. T.R. Lewis, chairman of the public facilities committee, made a report which showed that four families have put in electricity this summer and a number of other families are waiting for service and three new phones have been installed. The committee has started repairing and painting the mail boxes in the neighborhood, in order that the boxes will be the same. The committee will furnish a post and set it, paint the mail box and the owner’s name on it for one dollar. Mrs. Bessie Smittick, president of the Lowrance home demonstration club, urged all the women to get their exhibits ready for the fair and announced they were starting a drive to paint the ladies’ club house in the park…”

Thursday, September 18, 1986, Sapulpa Daily Herald: Carnival Will Benefit Young Girl

“The Sooner Amusements carnival opened with the Creek County Free Fair today, but when the fair concludes on Saturday, the carnival will hang around for an extra day. It wasn’t planned that way, but carnival operators agreed to change their plans in order to help a 16-month-old girl named Amy. Amy Moran of Broken Arrow has Biliary Atresia, a liver disease. To help Amy’s family raise money for a liver transplant, proceeds from the fair Saturday and Sunday will go to the Moran family…’We are very thankful for what people are doing. Any help we receive is greatly appreciated,’ Jennifer Moran, Amy’s mother said.”

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