Spotlight on Sapulpa: Headlines in History for September 10th


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Rachel Whitney
Curator, Sapulpa Historical Museum

Wednesday, September 10, 1930, Sapulpa Herald: Many School Need Aid and Books as Finances Handicap Progress

“It has developed since the opening of school Monday that there are hundreds of children in the city who are unable to buy the necessary books and whose schooling will be handicapped on this account. Due to the hard times that have existed the past few months, the parents of many children are absolutely unable to finance the purchase of books and it is up to the more fortunate of the city to come to aid of the less fortunate who have children of school age…Your gift will mean that some child will have books and clothing to attend school. Without your gift some child will have to stay out of school. At least $500 is needed. School has already begun and the need is now. Boys and girls who are kept out of school now for lack of books and clothing will have a hard time catching up later on. So the different civic clubs are urging the public to give liberally and give at once. The list starts off with the following gifts: Sheffel Grocery $10, Katz Dept $10, Lester Blakemore $5, Sapulpa Herald $5, Sam T. Allen, $10.”

Sunday, September 10, 1978, Sapulpa Daily Herald: Sapulpa Campus Dedication Tech Ceremony Sunday

“Dedication of the Central Tech Sapulpa Campus, 1720 S Main, is scheduled at 2pm. The local campus is an extension of the Central Oklahoma Area Vocational-Technical School District No 3, which opened its main campus in Drumright in 1970. Sapulpa’s campus offers six courses of instruction at both secondary and adult levels, serving primarily the students of Sapulpa, Mounds, Kiefer, and Kellyville. Benny Vanatta has been director of Sapulpa campus since its opening last month. There are 200 students at the local site, including 110 secondary and 90 adults. John Hopper has been superintendent of Central Tech since its inception…Ted Fisher will be master of ceremonies. Tech board of education members are Arthur Foster of Bristow, president; A.C. Wiemer of Drumright; Caroline Hughes of Cushing; Harry Hewlett of Kellyville; and Robert Randolph of Sapulpa. Central Tech Sapulpa Campus cost more than $700,000 including land and building costs of $280,000. The site formerly housed Gibson’s Discount Center…Courses offered at the Sapulpa Campus include carpentry, electrical trades, welding, health occupations, secretarial skills, and accounting…”

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Monday, September 10, 1984, Sapulpa Daily Herald: Official Lauds Local Chamber, U.S. Chamber Official Says Sapulpa Unit One of the Best

“The Sapulpa Chamber of Commerce is one of the best Chambers of its size in the nation. That statement is not the idle boasting of local chamber members, but the conclusion of U.S. Chambers of Commerce officials whose job it is to conduct onsite evaluations of chambers of commerce throughout a six-state area…‘This chamber is doing more per population base and per budget than most chambers in this country…The chamber has a lot of guts and is due congratulations for its active and successful role in local politics…The Sapulpa Chamber staff accomplishing twice as much as should be expected of a staff its size…The Sapulpa Chamber’s income from membership dues is above the national average. The Chamber had 497 membership accounts in 1982, and received $63,000 in membership income that year…’”

Wednesday, September 10, 1987, Sapulpa Daily Herald: Pump Prices Level Off

“With the summer travel season coming to a close, the price of gasoline across the nation has generally leveled off after sharp increases in the past six weeks. Locally, pump prices increased from an average of $1.07 to $1.17 and then slid back to $1.15 and $1.16 a gallon. Local gas prices also indicated a five cent a gallon increase for reformulated gas to reduce gas fumes and keep the Tulsa area from the Environmental Protection Agency…At self-service pumps, the average nationwide price of gas, including taxes was $1.2742 for unleaded regular, $1.3710 for mid-grade, and $1.4531 for premium. At full-service pumps, regular was $1.6054, mid-grad $1.6898, and premium was $1.7565.”

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