Spotlight on Sapulpa: Headlines for April 5th

Rachel Whitney, Curator, Sapulpa Historical Museum

Tuesday, April 5, 1910, Sapulpa Evening Light: Citizens of the Town Appeal for Plenty of Water

“Thirty of the most prominent citizens from the Southwest part of the city, including among others ex-judge Wade S. Standfield and Senator Clarence Davis, made a vigorous appeal for municipal improvements in that part of the city before the city council last night. Especially did they urge the extension of water mains and sewers. ‘An adequate supply of good, pure water is one of the greatest needs of this city,’ said Senator Davis, ‘and I trust that this council will early know this fact.’ ‘It is but right and just that we residents of that section one of the garden spots of the city should receive early recognition along municipal lines,’ said Judge Stanfield.”

Friday, April 5, 1912, Sapulpa Evening Democrat: The Moose Visit Tulsa

“About sixty members of the local lodge of the Loyal Order of Moose visited Tulsa last evening and today they report having had a good time. The Frisco gave the bays a special car which they adorned with a big streamer on which was lettered the following: ‘P. A. P. Sapulpa 295-500 Strong.’ Arriving in Tulsa the boys were escorted to the lodge hall of the order. About 8 o’clock a procession was formed and the main streets were paraded the object being to show Tulsans some idea of the strength of the order. A band headed the procession. This was followed by the officers and drill team in regalia and then came the Sapulpa and Tulsa lodges. After the parade a dance followed at the hall and the guests were served with a luncheon.”


Friday, April 5, 1918, Creek County Republican: Dr. Bone Wins for Mayor

“Defeats Mayor Boggs by Two Hundred Seventy Votes. FOWLER COMMISSIONER. Leads Henry Gray in Election by a Margin of Seventy-two Votes. The election Tuesday was a quiet affair, there being only 1,324 votes cast for the highest man. Bone and Fowler led Boggs and Gray by good majorities. Don McMasters was re-elected commissioner of finance without opposition…Bone with 795 votes, Boggs with 525 votes, Fowler with 698 votes, and Gray with 626 votes.”

Thursday, April 5, 1945, Democrat News: Creek County Men to Leave for Induction

“Leaving on the 9th of April for induction into the armed forces are Jimmy Wilson. Albert Sonny Johnson and Lorell Lafayette Davis. On a later date this month, the 24th, are 21 county men leaving for induction. They are: Alfred Clinton Bevenue father; George Happy Denham, father; Jesse Nathan Keigley, father; James Edward Gibson, father; Wayne Paul Greer; Floyd Gus Messmore, father; Joe Earl Page, father; John Meins; Kirby Boyd Bartley; Herlbert Warren McCarty: Elmer Bradley Cochran: Quenton Jackson Thomas, father; Herbert Dale Graham: Leonard Eugene Hudgins; James William Morris; Norman Earl George: Everett Harold Sarot: John Thomas Degraffenreid: James Henry Turner; Lavell Gilbert Bilby and Herbert Danlel Watkins.”

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