Spotlight on Sapulpa: Headlines for April 3rd

Rachel Whitney, Curator, Sapulpa Historical Museum

Monday, April 3, 1911, Sapulpa Evening Light: Small Pox Grows Fast

“The worst epidemic of small pox in the history of Creek County is playing havoc in the oil fields around Hilton, five miles east of this city. Fifty cases have already been reported and new cases are breaking out every day. The town of Hilton is practically depopulated as a result of the epidemic and those who have not already been stricken are leaving. Deputy sheriffs are being sworn in today by Sheriff Berry and rushed to the scene in order to establish quarantine lines covering a district nearly five miles square. The spread of the disease has been going on for weeks, but for some reason its extent had not been reported to the county. Desperate efforts are to be made by the county to keep the Disease from spreading.”

Friday, April 3, 1914, Creek County Republican: New Law Firm…New Auto Trucks

“T. L. Blakemore of Ft. Smith, Ark., has located in Sapulpa and formed a partnership with Attorney J. B. Rutherford. The new firm will be known as Rutherford & Blakemore. Their offices will remain in the Ross building, where Mr. Rutherford has been located. Mr. Blakemore is a very pleasing gentleman and comes highly recommended as an attorney of ability…The Sapulpa Bottling Works received a large new auto truck this week. It is a pretty car. The Sapulpa Storage & Transfer Co. got a new auto truck last week.”


Thursday, April 3, 1924, County Democrat News: Rotarians Take Water Set to Meeting

“When Sapulpa Rotarians leave here next Sunday for Parsons, Kan., to attend the Rotary district meeting, they will take with them a souvenir of this city that will be an attraction. This is a water set made by the Bartlett-Collins glass company. It is a work of art, and was made especially for the Rotarians to take on this trip. It consists of a cut glass pitcher and six glasses. The decorations are beautiful in their simplicity. The set has been on display for several days and is attracting a great deal of attention, not only for its beauty, but because many residents of Sapulpa were amazed to know a home concern manufactures this class of goods.”

Friday, April 3, 1936, Sapulpa Free Press: Junior Chamber Wants Tourists

“Street and road committee of the Junior Chamber of Commerce is making a serious bid for business from the thousands of tourists expected to go through Sapulpa this year. Tourist travel is expected to be heavier than usual because of the Texas Centennial at Dallas. At least six parking spaces in each block on Dewey and Main streets are being marked off for the specific use of visitors, either tourists or shoppers from the surrounding trade area. Large signs on the main highways leading into town have been erected, inviting visitors to park and shop while in town. Going on the theory that tourist business is as good as another industry, the street committee has worked with the industrial committee of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, these highway signs being of an industrial nature along with the invitation to park and shop…”

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