Spotlight on Sapulpa: Headlines for April 11th

Rachel Whitney, Curator, Sapulpa Historical Museum

Tuesday, April 11, 1911, Sapulpa Evening Light: Hugged Her Before People

“Suzanne La Homa, Oklahoma’s most gifted songbird, is soon to appear here and her art is second to none. This woman, whose life history reads like a romance, is one over which all Oklahomans are glad to pronounce praise, and her talents of late years trained by the best masters, are second to no one now before the public. Suzanne La Homa is known in Sapulpa and Manager Van Orman is more than pleased with the arrangement which brings her to the city. The rendition of the La Homa program will be the best offering Sapulpa has had in months, and one that is already assured of record-breaking attendance. The Muskogee Phoenix today, says of La Homa: ‘Madame Lillian Nordica, the greatest soprano in the world, sang at the Hinton last night, but the applause that resounded through the theater before the great audience had left was all for LaHoma, the great singer of Muskogee and the Cherokee people, a protege of Schumann-Heinke…”

Friday, April 11, 1913, Oklahoma Farmer & Laborer: Last New Oil Well

“The big oil well in the Kellyville neighborhood, drilled in by W. A. Wise, is creating quite a sensation. Just what the well will make, when it is finally completed is hard to tell. At any rate eases in that particular locality are going skyward and people are falling over themselves to get them. The well is estimated all the way from 100 to 800 barrels. It had been drilled into the Dutcher sand just two feet and drilled itself into a flowing proposition. It is understood that drilling will be resumed today or tomorrow, when some definite, idea can be had as to what it will do. Anyway, all the people in that immediate vicinity are feeling jubilant Jim Fisher, a former Sapulpan, owns considerable land adjoining this tract and he is receiving congratulations from his many friends. Tankage is being erected as fast as possible and the new field will no doubt move along rapidly from now on. This is but another indication that whole Creek county is one vast oil pool and all that is necessary to secure the precious fluid is drilling deep enough.”


Friday, April 11, 1919, Creek County Republican: Officials are Highly Pleased with Clean-Up

“The big ‘Clean-Up Campaign’ which was launched here last Monday has been a big success so far, and the city has a hundred percent better appearance than it did a week ago. The people of Sapulpa have jumped into this work with heart and soul and have clearly demonstrated that all it takes is energy and co-operation to carry any issue to a successful conclusion. There’s still considerable work, mostly in the business district, but it is hoped to get this part of the city cleaned thoroughly by tonight, as the stores and all business houses will be closed from three to six and this will give the employers and employees a chance to help out in the work…”

Thursday, April 11, 1929, County Democrat News: School Track Contests are on This Week

“Final arrangements for the Creek County Track and Field meet, which is to be held in Bristow on Friday and Saturday of this week, have been completed. A few alterations have been made in order that the contests may be the same as those to be used in state meets this spring. The Class A and B events will begin promptly at 2 o’clock Friday afternoon, and continue until finished. Both boys’ and girls’ teams in dash and relay will be included. The field events will begin at the same time with the class A shot put followed by discus, pole vault, high jump, javelin throw, and broad jump. The broad jump for boys will be followed by the girls’ baseball throw…”

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