CCSO introduces new K-9 Officer at Commissioners meeting

The newest addition to the Creek County Sheriff Department was introduced to the Creek County Commissioners, at the weekly meeting on Monday, October 22nd. He is a shiny black, 16-month-old, German Shorthaired Pointer, a specially-trained hunting dog, used for drug-sniffing, Search & Rescue operations,  a non-apprehension dog.

Ranger, renamed by the students of Creek County schools, is a sleek, handsome, friendly dog, trained to “bark & hold” or to “point.” He knows over a dozen English commands and one in German: Search. He is outfitted with a GPS collar, which helps find him when he is lost or focused on his target and a corrective collar to remind him of his duties. While he sat quietly in the meeting, Ranger entertained himself trying to mouth the antenna, while being bragged about by his handler, Corporal Dru Davis. Ranger will grow into his feet and end up about 90 pounds, which will match his loud bark.

The pair went to school for about a month and learned together the commands and actions required. Ranger has already been in action and performed well. They will soon be heading back to school to get their National Certification for Search & Rescue. Ranger was definitely the hit of the meeting.

Then, five properties in Drumright were bought by Steve Crowder at public sale for the taxes owed on each one: Lot 18, Block 13 for $319.00 (including $95 for advertising and filing fees); Lot 16 & 17, Block 14 for $720.00; Lots 13 & 14, Block 14 for $343.00; Lot 13 Lot 13, Block 23 for $352.00; Lot 23, Block 14 for $352.00. There were no other bidders.

Four inter-local agreements were approved by the commissioners. The first was “with the various Public Trusts within Creek County to assist in the construction, improvement, and/or maintenance of real property owned by the trusts.” The others were for Gypsy Public Schools in District #3, The City of Drumright in District #2, and the City of Mannford in District #2.

The commissioners approved “letting for bid” for 3-month and 6-month bridge and highway materials, which will open on Monday, November 5th.

There was a brief discussion about the utilities at the Creek Co. Health Department in Drumright which is now defunct. The County  is disposing of the remaining furniture and fixtures, the Health Dept. is still paying the utilities. The county plans to rent or sell the building. No action was taken.

Next, Community Care (Cary Taylor) discussed the Health Insurance of choice, even though the price was increasing. The Select version would save some money in the long run. The impact of Hillcrest pulling out of the health care program was discussed. Tandra McClellan explained that the county workers have an “extremely rich benefit” package, even with the 8.8 per cent increase over last year. The commissioners and staff discussed a wellness program that would reward people for healthier habits by lowering their premiums or other incentives, besides being healthier longer. It was passed by unanimous vote of Commissioners Leon Warner, Lane Whitehouse, and Newt Stephens.

The next meeting will be held on October 29th at 9 a.m., in the Collins Building.


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