Small Businesses a concern at Creek County Commissioner meeting

Action was on Monday taken to declare a state of emergency for Creek County, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. County Commissioner Newt Stephens went into detail, stating that even though Governor Kevin Stitt declared a state of emergency for Oklahoma, he wanted to go ahead and declare a state of emergency for Creek County so there were no problems when business owners tried to get aid or business loans. It was voted on and passed.

The City of Sapulpa declared a state of emergency a week ago and included restrictions on public buildings and guidelines on businesses and restaurants.

Deana Engle (right) speaks to the County Board while Max Cook, district Attorney (left) looks on.

Deana Engle, the owner of Dena & Company Hair Salon on Frankoma Road in Sapulpa, had some concerns about the county putting restrictions on small business owners during this time of emergency. She said it’s wise to listen to the CDC by limiting exposure and practicing good health but would also like to keep her staff employed and believes they should be able to continue to work if they choose to. She went on to say a couple of ninety-year-old clients visited last week saying a trip to the beauty parlor “was essential.” Deana said she wasn’t about to argue with them.

Commissioner Newt Stephens said, “We don’t need to violate constitutional rights…but we need to make an effort to knock this out…” He also said he’s not a fan of “telling people what to do.” Commissioner Leon Warner expressed concerns for the safety of the public. Nothing was decided about county small businesses.

As of right now, Governor Kevin Stitt has left it up to each county and municipality to decide what they think is best for the small businesses in their communities. Many people are concerned about their business if strict mandates are put into order.

New Speed Limit Sign for District 2

A continuation from last week’s speed limit sign addition, another one was approved and will be added to connect two roads located at West 66th Street South between 151st & 153rd streets.  

Utility Permit Request

Country Investments, L.L.C. requested access to cross Hilton road about 502 feet west of the Hilton Road and 49th West Avenue in District 1. The request was approved.


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