Sign of times gone by: renovated building gets a new sign as a reminder of its former glory

A new sign has been installed adjacent to suites B and C at 116 E Dewey, which might cause passersby to take a second look. The sign reads “Old City Hall,” and though it hangs from the side of the building like an old-fashioned store shingle, it’s more than just a callback to a previous life.

The building was first listed in city directories in 1907, with a black barber named Thomas B. Williams as a tenant. In 1918, the building became the home of Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, where they remained until 1958. In 1963, Sapulpa City Hall moved in, and was there until the mid-1980s. It was purchased by the Kante Group in 2017 and now serves as offices on the lower floor, an apartment on the third floor, and the second floor is currently available as an Airbnb, where it’s listed as the “Old City Hall,” hence the sign.

Installed by Midwest Manufacturing of west Tulsa, the sign is reportedly the first of a few that will begin to grace the buildings owned by the Kante Group. Sources say more signs like the “Old City Hall” will be coming to downtown Sapulpa.