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Serial multi-state shoplifter caught at Sapulpa Walmart

In addition to convictions ranging from arson to kidnapping, this guy has been getting kicked out of Walmarts in at least two states.

On October 6th, Officer Kevin Taylor was called to the Sapulpa Walmart (1002 W. Taft) about a larceny. As he entered the parking lot, he found a person matching the description of the suspect about whom the call had been made. Taylor made contact with the man, later identified as the defendant, 48-year-old William Lee Neill, and escorted him back to Walmart’s Loss Prevention Office for questioning.

Once inside, Taylor was told that the defendant had loaded up a shopping cart using plastic sacks he had brought in with him and pushed the cart past all the point of sale checkpoints without paying for his items. The cart was recovered inside the Walmart vestibule, and the total amount for the items came to $569.30

Officer Taylor found that Neill had already been trespass warned from this Walmart, and in fact had been arrested for larceny in a similar fashion from Walmarts all around Oklahoma and Missouri. A check of his criminal history found multiple charges of DUI, Domestic Assault and Battery, Eluding, Second-Degree Arson, and Kidnapping, among other charges. He also has multiple felony convictions, so many that officer Taylor couldn’t see the full list.

Neill was arrested and charged with additional larceny and trespassing charges.

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  • Avatar Annie Ericksten says:

    If Officer Taylor couldn’t even see all his charges, maybe Creek County can put him in prison for a lengthy time.


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