Semi careens off New Sapulpa Road into shopping center parking lot

A failure to yield is being blamed for an accident that police say happened on a rain-slick New Sapulpa Road.

A woman driving an SUV down 78th street where it joins NSR failed to yield to a semi-truck that was heading east. Police say the woman’s car struck the semi near the area where the trailer connects to the truck.

The semi truck then went down into the culvert that separates the highway from the shopping center at the location, where it struck the shopping center sign, two telephone poles, and two other vehicles and spilled some of it’s load before coming to a halt in the parking lot.

The two vehicles, thankfully, were empty at the time of the accident.

These two vehicles were empty at the time of the accident.

Michelle Elliott is the manager at the J & J Superette convenience store in the shopping center, and the owner of one of the vehicles involved.

“I was in the back of the store cooking and heard some really loud booms. Metal against metal,” she said.

Her boss owns the silver Toyota that’s on top. Hers is the Bonneville beneath it.

The driver of the SUV was wearing a seatbelt. Her airbag did not deploy, and she was complaining about some pains in her neck and head, but it’s unclear whether she sought treatment. The driver of the Semi was not injured.

Electricity to the shopping center and the surrounding neighborhood was cut off when the truck crashed through the telephone poles. Elliott said they were expecting to have power restored “sometime early afternoon.”

Fox23 was on the scene shortly after the accident and was shooting video live. We’ve included that footage below.