Sapulpa’s Rebellious Nails and Tanning Salon is a local business borne out of quarantine to those who could really use a little pampering this year

Billie Rankin, the owner of Rebellious Roots Hair Salon at 802 W. Taft street, wasn’t sure what to do when her salon was forced to close in March in order to help flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases that were invading the country. Like many others, her business wasn’t considered essential, and so she knew that when they did come back, they needed to do it in a big way.

Rankin and her husband Steve partnered up with Pablo and Dunia Ascencio in April to open Rebellious Nails and Tanning directly next door in June. After three years of owning a hair salon, a nail or tanning salon might seem like the next logical step. Rankin says it’s more about taking the nail experience in Sapulpa to the next level with exemplary customer service and a great understanding of what the customer wants—you know…like a hairstylist.

“We want people to feel more like they are family when they come in,” Rankin said. “We want to know them on a personal level like a client knows their hairstylist.”

Back, left to right: Jenna Rutherford, Tiffany Denton, Pablo Ascencio, Regan Wright, Ceeley Hill, Melissa Schwalk; Seated front: Billie Rankin and Dunia Ascencio.

Rankin says other salons in the area might get you in and out faster, but that’s not the goal at Rebellious Nails. “The [other] salons are faster than we are, but they are more about in-and-out and we wanted a place you can come relax and enjoy what your paying for. To them, you’re just a customer; I don’t want anyone to ever feel like they are just a customer.”

The salon offers six pedicure chairs, and six nail stations with technicians ready to serve clients, plus tanning. The space is bright and clean, and everyone there is cheery and smiling.

Great customer service is not something anyone in this crew is shy about. Pablo Ascencio, the owner and namesake of Sapulpa’s popular Señor Pablo’s Mexican Restaurant, is part-owner in the nail salon, and Rankin says the same great experience you get at Pablo’s is what you should expect at Rebellious Nails.

“When you go into Pablo’s restaurant you feel like you’re family; people remember you and learn your name. We want clients that come in and tell us their daughter is getting married, and then when they come back we remember and ask how the wedding was. I don’t feel like you get that at other nail places.”

You can find pricing and photos of Rebellious Nails and Tanning work at their Facebook Page, and they’re on Instagram.

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