Sapulpa’s new “Popcycle” is helping locals beat the heat on a budget



That music is familiar, but the vehicle is sure to catch your eye.

Frederic Moseley Jr., a Texas transplant to Sapulpa, is making his way around town on a large bicycle that’s been customized to carry a small deep-freezer, which holds that oh-so-sweet pastime of summer: ice cream.

The “popcycle” is something that Moseley says he’s been working on for several years. “I’m from Fort Worth, and I would see these all the time, and I thought, ‘I’d really like to do that,’ so I’ve been saving up, off and on, since 2012.”

The customized kit, which costs thousands of dollars, includes a holder for the deep-freezer, an umbrella and a basket on the back. It can also be dismounted and pushed like a cart if need be.

Moseley says the bike makes it easier to lug the treats around, but some of these hills in Sapulpa make it impossible to pedal. “We went to the library yesterday, I had to get off and push,” he said, laughing.

Moseley has only been running the bike for the last few weeks but says the response has been great because of his prices and his selection. His ice cream ranges from actual drumsticks to more healthy flavors like frozen strawberry bars on a stick. His most expensive item is just $1.50.

The Popcycle is a great option for sweet treats on a budget!

“It’s great, because those other guys, they’re selling ice cream for $5.00, which isn’t that bad,” Moseley says, “but if you’ve got $5.00 and four kids, what’re you gonna do?”

He said that although he’s legit and has all his permits, the city had to investigate the operation because there’s literally not another one like it in the whole state.

Popcycle Oklahoma goes back and forth throughout the day between parks, the library, and wherever kids are bound to congregate. He posts their location on their new Facebook Page, at Popcycle Oklahoma. He’s also available to set up at birthday parties and events!

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