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Sapulpa woman arrested after allegedly assaulting her boyfriend for turning on the cold water while she was asleep in the bathtub

The victim stated that he returned home found the defendant drunk and asleep in the bathtub. He turned the cold water on and the defendant got up, mad.

Angela R. Gilner of Sapulpa, age 46, was arrested for public intoxication after Police Officer Robert Sayre made contact with her. On Christmas Eve, about 6:30 p.m., another officer, Adam Marshall was dispatched to a North 8th Place address to respond to a possible domestic Assault and Battery.

When Officer Marshall arrived he heard thing breaking in the pck yard and then someone climbing over the fence. The victim stated that he returned home about 5:30 – 6 p.m. from his daughter’s house, and noticed an empty bottle of wine and marijuana on the table. The victim said he was allergic to dogs and his girlfriend, Gilner, had let her 2 dogs in his house while he was gone. She was drunk and asleep in the bathtub, and he tried to awaken her. She didn’t get up. He turned the cold water on and the defendant got up, mad. They started arguing and fighting.

The defendant went outside to the back porch and the defendant slapped the victim, knocking his glasses off his face. The victim closed the back door and locked the defendant out of the house. The officer noted a cut on the victim’s right arm and a scratch on his face. The victim told the officer that the defendant went over the back fence, using a ladder, just as the police arrived and she walked toward QuikTrip. The victim was on the phone to his daughter during the events.

The defendant refused several times to speak to the officer. She said she could recall what happened.

Officer Marshall noticed broken pottery on the back porch and other items in the backyard. There was a metal ladder, as well as drug paraphernalia near an ashtray. There was an empty bottle of wine and a baggie with fresh marijuana in it. The victim said the defendant had been drinking and smoking marijuana.

The victim also said he told the defendant that the police had arrived and she took his ladder and tried to leave the backyard, but the ladder flipped over and the defendant fell on the other said, she got up, and started walking south bound.

At the police station she began to tell her story. She said that when the victim came home, he jerked her out of the bathtub by her hair, pushed her out the back door and locked her outside naked. She fought him all the way outside. She beat on the back door and the victim threw her a bathrobe and locked the door again. She then used the ladder to get out the backyard, and fell over the fence and left. She went to a friend’s house to get away from the victim.

The defendant had injuries on her face and bruises all over her arms, back and legs. She hurt her hands, consistent with hitting a hard solid object, and had a scratch on her face.

The defendant had no prior criminal record.

About the Author

Lottie Wilds is a native Oklahoman and a multi-talented woman—she is a mother, grandmother, Navy veteran, and lifelong creator. Lottie loves to quilt, decorate, garden, swim, paint, and write stories. She is grateful for every day she gets a chance to get it right.

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