Sapulpa Mayor declares August 14th, 2022 as “Boy Scout Troop 224 Day”

Sapulpa’s Mayor Craig Henderson read an official proclamation at Monday’s City Council meeting declaring August 14th, 2022 as “Boy Scout Troop 224 Day” ahead of the troop’s celebration of 100 years in existence.

Scout Master Kevin Crowl and several others arrived early to the meeting to prepare for the presentation of the flags. Shortly after the opening prayer, members of Troop 224 walked in the flags and posted them according to the standard procedure:

Later in the meeting, Mayor Henderson read the official proclamation designating “Boy Scout Troop 224 Day,” which stated, in part, that what became the city’s first Boy Scout Troop started on August 14, 1922, at the First Presbyterian Church of Sapulpa, where the group still meets today.

From left to right: Cheryl Jackson, mother of two Troop 224 Eagle Scouts; Bart Bartlett, Troop 224 Eagle Scout of 1972, and father of an Eagle Scout; Shay Owens, Assistant Scout Master; Kevin Crowl, Scout Master; Mayor Craig Henderson, Parker Owens, Bryce Miller, Leo Crowl, Gabe Bethel.

During its one hundred years, Boy Scout Troop 224 has served
more than 400 young men, graduated over 140 Eagle Scouts, led by thirty Scout Masters.

Scout Master Kevin Crowl has been a scout leader since his son Leo started the first grade ten years ago. He says he’s proud of the Troop.

“I’m humbled to be the Scout Master leading this Troop into it’s hundred-year anniversary,” he said. “I’m overwhelmed with pride for our city of Sapulpa, Mayor Henderson and the Council naming August 14th 2022 Troop 224 day!”

The City Councilors even have an Eagle Scout among them—Richard Hudson of Ward 4, became an Eagle Scout in 1997, from Troop 224.

“I think it’s amazing,” Hudson said. “I did not realize a lot of the stats that were read in the proclamation.” Like many others, he wasn’t aware of just how long the Troop had been in Sapulpa until recently. “I know there’s a few of us that are excited about the upcoming ceremony,” he said.

First Presbyterian Church of Sapulpa and Boy Scout Troop 224 will celebrate their 100-year alliance and anniversary on Sunday, August 14, 2022 at about 11:45 am.

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