Sapulpa man pulled over for intoxication tried to give officer a fake name, despite having met the officer before

On Thursday afternoon, Officer Mark Hulett was dispatched to Walmart for a possible intoxicated person.

Hulett says that he located the car on Teel road and observed the vehicle fail to maintain lane a few times in the area of 900 block of West Teel, and also noted that the driver was not wearing a seatbelt. He stopped the vehicle in the area of Hickory and Teel.

Hulett says that when he approached the driver, he identified himself as a name that turned out to be fake. Hulett says in his affidavit, “I have dealt with him before and this name did not sound correct.” Officer Kyle Masters arrived at the scene to assist, and agreed with Hulett this was not his name.

The driver, 27-year-old David Roberts, knew the jig was up when dispatch sent a picture to the officers for Roberts and it was him. Hulett says that when they showed Roberts the photo, he relented on his false identity.

Even if he hadn’t walked back the lie about his name, it would’ve been a short story, as police found a driver’s license next to the car’s center console with Roberts’ picture on it and full name.

Hulett says he was able to locate the man who Roberts had claimed to be and spoke with him on the phone. The man told Hulett he knew Roberts since first grade and they had been best friends.

Dispatch confirmed city and county warrants on Roberts, and a review of Roberts’ criminal history shows multiple charges, including two counts of felony charges for possession of controlled substance and embezzlement.

Roberts is now facing charges of false impersonation in addition to driving and seatbelt violations.

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Micah Choquette

Micah Choquette

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