Sapulpa man assaults girlfriend and strangles her 8-week-old puppy in domestic incident

After assaulting the puppy, the defendant grabbed the victim's head and slammed it into the ground.

On Sunday, June 2 at approximately 9:15 p.m. Sapulpa Police Officer Baylor Pittinger was dispatched to the Sapulpa QuikTrip on East Taft to investigate a domestic disturbance. There he met with the victim, A.N. 

A.N. stated that her boyfriend, Nathan L. Fitzmorris (Defendant), of Sapulpa, had been drinking and was intoxicated at their nearby residence. She said they began arguing because the Defendant could not find his can of chewing tobacco, and that he then began destroying their property. A.N. said she attempted to leave the house but the Defendant blocked the door with his body and would not allow her to leave. 

The victim said that after she tried to escape, the Defendant grabbed her eight-week-old puppy by the throat and started strangling it, to the point the puppy involuntarily urinated and defecated all over their living room. A.N. had the puppy with her at QuikTrip and was able to show it to Officer Pittinger, who observed it to still be very scared. Later, when Pittinger inspected the residence, he observed puddles of urine in multiple areas and saw that the floor was very wet in others. He learned that this was due to the Defendant attempting to clean the puppy’s feces off the floor with the victim’s shirt. 

After assaulting the puppy, the Defendant grabbed the victim by her arms and shoved her out the front door and onto the ground where he grabbed her head and slammed it into the ground. At this point, the victim said she was able to get up and run to her vehicle in the driveway while the Defendant chased her. She managed to get into the vehicle without the Defendant detaining her, but then he shattered her driver’s side window and broke the side view mirror with his hand. 

Marshall noted that the victim had bruising on her right tricep and was covered in dirt. Her left arm showed superficial scratches and redness from being violently grabbed. 

Officer Marshall made contact with the Defendant at their residence and placed him under arrest. He was then transported to the Sapulpa Police Department for booking. 

A complete criminal history check of the Defendant revealed previous charges out of Okmulgee County in 2014 for domestic assault by strangulation and charges out of Bixby in 2010 for domestic abuse. 

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