Sapulpa man arrested for domestic assault threatens to kill officer and his mother.

While en route to Sapulpa Municipal the defendant became belligerent and verbally assaulted Officer Noah, also spitting in his face.

Around 9 p.m. on Saturday, January 5th, Officer Jonathan Noah responded to a domestic violence disturbance on South Muskogee. A woman had called 911 twice and was only heard to call, “Help, help, help!” Sapulpa dispatch notified the responding officers that there was a history of domestic violence at this residence.

When Officer Noah arrived at the scene he met a woman, the victim, standing outside the home crying. She stated that her boyfriend threw her across the living room and bit her on the chest.

Noah entered the residence to speak with the boyfriend, Rocky Palladeno (Defendant). Palladeno was intoxicated and unwilling or unable to answer questions.

Noah detained him with handcuffs until he heard from another officer the extent of the victim’s injuries.

Noah was informed by Lieutenant Jim Madden that the victim had a scratch on her left thumb and what appeared to be a human bite mark on the top portion of her right breast. This injury drew blood.

At this point Noah informed the defendant that he was under arrest for domestic assault and battery.

While en route to Sapulpa Municipal Jail Palladeno became belligerent and verbally assaulted Officer Noah, also spitting in his face. He threatened to kill Noah’s mother and stated, “When I fing pull your mouth down, you’re dead and your mother. I know your mother and I’m killing her too.” He further claimed, “When I get one hand get you, you’re dead bh. I’ll pull your a** into death. I’ll pull your a** into death bh. You’re dead bh.”

A criminal history of the defendant showed a felony conviction of domestic assault and battery by strangulation in Creek County in 2014, a misdemeanor conviction of assault and battery in Creek County in 2008, as well as a multitude of other domestic assault and battery charges and convictions, including inflicting corporal injury to a spouse. He also has offenses in California and Michigan.

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