Sapulpa man arrested for child sex abuse charges against 14-year-old

A local man was arrested on child sexual abuse charges on August 10th for allegedly inappropriately touching a 14-year old at his home in Sapulpa.

The victim’s mother called the police on Sunday, August 9th and reported that her daughter had spent a few days with a relative, 33-year old Adam Michael Kaser (defendant), and his girlfriend. While all three were lying in bed together watching a movie, they fell asleep. The victim woke to Kaser “putting his arm on her thigh and rubbing it, then moving his hand upwards and touching her genital area under her clothing.” At the same time he whispered his intentions into her ear and asked her to go to the living room with him. The victim stated that she was so scared she “froze” and buried her head into the pillow. The defendant continued to attempt to engage in inappropriate behavior until his girlfriend stirred and woke, so the victim was able to escape to the bathroom with her phone and call her mother.

Neither the victim nor her mother notified the defendant that they had contacted the police, however, when the mother went to his house later that evening to retrieve something the victim had left, he was pacing around outside his home carrying a rifle. She said this was not normal behavior for him and believed that it indicated guilt and fear of retribution for his actions. She stated that he and her daughter have only recently become reacquainted, as the defendant has been incarcerated for unrelated crimes for most of the victim’s life. The victim had only been regularly visiting him since March or April of this year.

When speaking with Detective Amy Nichols, who is specialized in the field of child abuse investigations, the victim further related that Kaser has a medical marijuana card and frequently offers marijuana to her and that she has smoked it with him several times recently.

When Nichols conducted her post-Miranda interview with Kaser on the 10th, she said he appeared nervous, but claimed to not remember abusing the victim. As the interview progressed he continued to claim ignorance of the events and said he is not “that type of person.” He said the victim does not and has never slept in his bed and that the only reason she would say those things must be due to misplaced anger towards him. He explained that he got out of prison two years ago and claimed that he has “been doing so good” since then. He said he was carrying his pellet rifle the day before because he lives in a potentially dangerous area and that it is common for him to do so, and that it was unrelated to the victim’s allegations.

Nichols then spoke with Kaser’s girlfriend who confirmed that the victim and defendant were asleep with her in the defendant’s bed the day before. She said she did not witness any inappropriate activity between the two, but that on prior occasions the defendant’s behavior towards the victim has made her uncomfortable and that a few months ago she confronted him about it. She said that he was frequently overly affectionate and “very touchy and cuddly” with the victim and often had her sleep in his bed. She said that to her knowledge the behavior had stopped until the incident in question.

The girlfriend added that on the day of his arrest, the defendant was agitated and stated multiple times that he had the feeling he was going to get arrested and go back to prison and that he had a “bad feeling” in his stomach.

Kaser has several previous felony convictions in Creek County, including the manufacture of controlled dangerous substances and false declaration of property at a pawn shop, and has had a suspended sentence revoked several times.

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E. B. Thompson

E. B. Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson is the News Editor for Sapulpa Times.