Sapulpa man arrested for assaulting, choking his mother

Early Monday morning Sapulpa Police arrested a Sapulpa man for domestic abuse against his mother and the theft of her vehicle.

Sapulpa Police affidavits state that on Sunday evening around 8:30 p.m. police officer Steven Funk was dispatched to investigate an assault that had recently occurred to Laura Greenfeather at her home near 49th West Avenue and Highway 117.

Ms. Greenfeather stated that her son, 29-year old Taylor Greenfeather, who also lives at the residence, asked her for money and became angry and called her a liar when she told him she had none to give him.

Ms. Greenfeather, 67, who is in poor health, stated that she was sitting in an electric recliner, and that Mr. Greenfeather reclined the chair and then unplugged it, making it difficult for her to get up to defend herself. Mr. Greenfeather continued to yell at Ms. Greenfeather, and said that if she were a man he would “take care of her.” The victim told Officer Funk that she took this statement as a threat that her son would “severely harm or kill” her.

Eventually the suspect plugged the chair back in and Ms. Greenfeather was able to stand up, at which point he pushed her back down into the chair, leaving red marks that were visible to the police officer. He then began questioning her about where her car keys were. She was fearful of his response if she did not tell him, so she acquiesced, although she did not want him to take her car. When the officer arrived to take the report, Mr. Greenfeather had taken the vehicle and was gone.

Later that evening, around 11:25 p.m., Officer Funk received information that Mr. Greenfeather had returned the residence. Funk went back to the home to question the suspect, and found the victim very upset and in tears, stating that her son was furious that she had called the police. She says that just before Funk arrived the second time, Mr. Greenfeather grabbed her by the hair and punched her, and then attempted to choke her.

At this point Officer Funk arrested Taylor Greenfeather and transported him to the Sapulpa Police Department.

According to Sapulpa Police Department records, this is the fourth report taken from Ms. Greenfeather claiming that her son has assaulted her. One of the reports included two felony charges. All of the charges have been referred to the Creek County District Attorney’s Office.

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E. B. Thompson

E. B. Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson is the News Editor for Sapulpa Times.