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Sapulpa man arrested for a lewd encounter with a 14-year-old boy at a local playground

Police found this man after 1am at Kelly Lane Park with a 14-year-old boy he'd met on the dating app Grindr.

On July 10. at approximately 1:01 A.M. CLEET Police Officer Skylar Wresche was patrolling in the area of Kelly Lane Park.

According to Officer Wresche, he came across a 2017 Nissan Altima parked at the south side of the park.

Officer Wresche activated the spotlight on her patrol car and illuminated the vehicle.

Officer Wresche then said the driver turned on the vehicle on and tried to back out of the parking spot.

Officer Wresche then activated her emergency lights and proceeded to conduct a traffic stop due to being parked in the park after curfew.

The driver identified himself as Kenneth Dale Mock.

Officer Wresche asked Mock if he knew there was a park curfew, and he said he did not.

According to Officer Wresche, Mock said he and his friend were “hanging out.”

The passenger appeared to be juvenile and Mock panicked when asked how old his friend was and said “eighteen as far as I’m aware,” according to the police report.

Officer Wresche made contact with the passenger who informed the officer he was only fourteen.

The passenger was asked what they were doing at the park at 1 A.M.

According to Officer Wresche, Mock began sweating profusely and kept repeating while stuttering that he thought he was eighteen years old and that they had “fooled around.”

After Officer Wresche placed Mock under arrest she discovered wadded up underwear in Mock’s pocket.

After SPD transported Mock to the police station, Officer Wreshe stayed behind to speak with the victim.

According to Officer Wresche, the victim said he snuck out of his apartment after fighting with his sister.

Officer Wreshe then interviewed the victim further at Sapulpa Police Department with the victim’s father present.

The victim was hesitant at first and seemed scared to talk with Police.

He at first denied to Police any physical contact but later admitted to having met Mock on the dating app “Grindr.”

According to Officer Wresche, the victim was very adamant Mock knew he was underaged and had his “Grindr,” profile as fifteen years old.

The victim stated this was the first time they had met in person however they were talking on social media for up to two weeks and had exchanged sexual photographs.

According to Officer Wresche, the victim said Mock picked him up from his apartment and drove them to Kelly Lane Park.

The victim said they went to the playground area and that Mock rubbing him inappropriately.

According to the Police report, the victim said they both took off their clothes and Mock forced the victim to touch him inappropriately in return.

The victim said he tried to tell Mock “no,” however he became frustrated and told the victim to “shut up or it isn’t going to end well.”

The victim told Officer Wresche multiple times he was scared of Mock and did not want to be there.

Mock and the victim were on the playground for approximately 20 minutes while touching each other before two vehicles drove by according to the report.

The victim said Mock began getting paranoid and told him to get dressed sp they could both get back to the vehicle.

Officer Wresche arrived at the vehicle right after Mock and the victim entered the vehicle.

Officer Wresche checked Mocks’ criminal history which revealed he had no prior convictions.

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