Sapulpa man arrested after recording himself assaulting an unconscious woman

A Sapulpa man was arrested on allegations of sexually assaulting a woman while she was unconscious after the victim discovered he had recorded himself performing the acts.

According to the arrest affidavit, a woman came into Kiefer Police Station last December to report that she had been raped. She said she knew the man because she was living in a trailer in Kiefer that had been supplied by him.

Kevin Clark

She told police that 47-year-old Kevin Clark had asked her to return a phone charger he’d left in her home, and when she unplugged it, she discovered it was actually a hidden camera with a memory card. When she watched the videos, she discovered multiple videos of Clark assaulting her.

Police confirmed the footage on the card and interviewed Clark, who denied knowing about the hidden camera and said the sex was consensual, that the victim was into being drugged and then having sex.

Police got a search warrant and seized Clark’s phone, where they found nearly 75 photos and videos that Clark had apparently tried to delete. The footage repeatedly shows the victim naked and unconscious, being groped and raped, and being given pills and showering. The footage ended with the victim waking up, realizing what happened, and crying.

Through messages and videos, police discovered well-documented evidence that Clark had been selling and supplying multiple people with narcotics, using it as a way to take advantage of those around him, including this victim. In a text message to his mother, Clark refers to the woman as a “rape victim” and offers to pay the victim for her silence, according to the arrest affidavit. Through the hidden camera discovery, Clark goes on to tell the victim, “I guess when they ask, I’ll just say you had a fetish of having sex while asleep.”

Clark was arrested on charges of rape, destroying evidence, computer crimes, and conspiring to commit a felony, among other charges.

As of today, Clark is out on bond.
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