Sapulpa City Council Elections are shaping up to be interesting


Preliminary results are showing  that 2018 election for City Council will almost certainly involve a primary and a runoff election for Ward 2.

The final filing period was last Friday, January 5th, and although Seat 1 was open for each of Sapulpa’s five wards, as it stands there are challengers for only wards 1, 2 and 5.

Joy Naifeh, Secretary of the County Election Board, recited the list of candidates as follows:


Ward 1:

Hugo Naifeh (Incumbent)

Charles Betzler


Ward 2:

Charles Stephens (Incumbent)

Brian Stephens

B. C. Jones

Jason Wilder

Ward 3:

Lou Martin Jr. (Incumbent)

Ward 4:

Craig Henderson (Incumbent)

Ward 5:

Alan Jones (Incumbent)

Bruce Bledsoe

Any time that an elected position has more than three candidates, there is a preliminary primary that relegates the candidates down to the final two, whom will be voted on in the final election.

For this particular election, the Primary will be on February 13th, and the runoff will be April 3rd. Ward 2 is the only ward in need of a Primary, so it will be the only one that counts in February. The other wards, and the results of the ward 2 primary will be in April.

The County Election Board told Sapulpa Times that there have also been inquiries into a possible “statement of protest” toward one of the candidates, which means that someone may not think one of the candidates to be eligible for election. The results of any such statement will be official on Wednesday morning. We’ll keep you updated.

A previous version of this story contained the wrong name for Candidate B.C. Jones.