Sapulpa City Council approves public works projects, surplus police cars

Sapulpa City Council approved the awarding of the sale of $8,080,000.00 General Obligation Bonds (GO Bonds), series 2023A, for the City of Sapulpa to the lowest of five bidders, Piper, Sandler & Co. at 3.849140%. The funds, estimated to arrive by Aug. 29, are designated for the Booker T. Washington Recreation Center and Parks & Recreation projects.

Horseshoe Construction was awarded the bid for the slipline and manhole project on Dewey Ave. for $237,435.00.

The Bartlett Sports Complex Water Mitigation Project has been completed and a final walk-through has been done. Council members approved the payment of $1,422.00.


They approved the renewal of a contract with S2 Engineering to manage Sapulpa Industrial Pre-treatment program for FY 2023-24. In addition, they approved an understanding with the City of Sand Springs for the operation of the Skiatook Raw Water Conveyance System (SRWCS) in the estimated amount of $107,430.68. Sand Springs will pay 60% of the total cost and Sapulpa will fund 40%.

The city and Diversified Civil Contractors LLC determined the waterline is 36+ inches below Brown Street roadway and can be worked around. They approved the signing of the contract and are ready for work to begin.

Members approved the purchase of five portable defibrillators for $373,680.95. The conditional sales agreement with Flex Financial is for a three-year contract. Chief Vickrey told council members the agreement allows them to start the order process until funds are released by the state.

A contract with Symmetry Land Services LLC was approved for $10,400.00 to maintain the Sapulpa Alley District Phase 1. They will maintain the potted plants and trees, the removal of bird feces, and trash pickup.

The police department requested the declaration of two police cars surplus. The 2011 Dodge Charger and 2012 Dodge Charger will be donated to Central Tech for the Sapulpa Campus Law Enforcement Program.

There were no public comments.

Following the Executive Session, members voted to approve the $50,000.00 purchase of a property bordering the City Hall location with the first right of refusal on two other properties if they ever go up for sale.

Sapulpa City Council meetings take place on the first and third Monday of each month and are open to the public. Visit for more information.

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