Sam’s Southern Eatery is giving meals away every Monday in August

Sam’s Southern Eatery, the Cajun-style restaurant just off of Highway 97 known for plentiful portions, has announced that they are going to be giving away meals to “anyone who can’t afford to pay” on Mondays in August, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Sam’s Southern Eatery, off Highway 97, has—like nearly every other restaurant during a pandemic—been having a tough year. For owner Said “Sammy” Jaraba, you could say it’s been even worse than some.

Sammy’s family is from Jerusalem, and when he and his wife visited their family overseas for Christmas last year, he left before them to get back to work. That was the last time he got to see them in person, as they’ve been forced to remain in Jerusalem ever since. He gets to talk to them nightly on the phone or FaceTime

Said “Sammy” Jaraba and his family. Sammy hasn’t been able to be with his family since December of 2019 because of the COVID-19 lockdown.

Sammy’s response is to remember that even his situation is not unique in the face of a global pandemic. “It’s not just us that this is happening to. It’s the whole world. The whole world is hurting right now,” he says.

Sam’s Southern Eatery did a similar program while Sapulpa was under a lockdown. He said he ended up giving away well over 800 meals.

“We’re not worried about people taking advantage,” Sammy said. “We just want to support the community. If we support each other, we will get through this.”

We’ve included Sam’s menu below:

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