Sahoma Lake Bait Shop Closed

There have been a number of posts on social media about the closure of the Sahoma Lake bait/concession shop. The “Sapulpa Times” reached out to Sapulpa Parks and Recreation Director, Jody Baker, to find out why the bait shop is closed. According to Baker, the contract between the concessionaires and the City of Sapulpa was not renewed.

Todd Norwalk helping a customer at the Sahoma Lake Bait Shop.

The Parks and Recreation Director said that he was currently seeking someone to fill the combined position of concessionaire and “park host.” Baker said that he is considering a separate person for each position.

A park host receives free RV rental and utilities in exchange for managing the camping facilities. 

A concessionaire is someone who manages the bait shop. The position pays a stipend of $750 per month. The person in this position also receives a commission on each permit, provides the products sold in the bait shop, and receives the profit from the merchandise.

Anyone interested in either or both positions should contact Sapulpa Parks and Recreation at 918-227-5151.

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Charles Betzler

Charles Betzler

Charles Betzler is a contributing writer for Sapulpa Times.