Rick Rumsey Retires

The assistant City Manager has served for over 35 years.

Assistant City Manager Rick Rumsey’s sudden retirement has left folks scratching their heads as to why, but in a recent phone call with Sapulpa Times, Rumsey declined to give any reason other than “35 years is a long time to work anywhere—it doesn’t happen much any more.” The former Sapulpa Police Chief told Sapulpa Times he has no plans at the moment, but that he “Enjoyed working for the city and its people.” Rumsey’s last day is Monday, December 31st.

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  • Avatar Bruce says:

    Rick is a fine man and has served Sapulpa well, thank you Rick

  • Avatar Lifelong Sapulpan says:

    Change will do the City good. Good person but created a lot of issues with nepotism and buddy system at City Hall. Will take a lot of time to undo the mess he created.

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