Republicans Sweep the State Midterm Elections, Stitt and Pinnell will serve a second term


Candidates are in order of votes as of 95.11% of precincts reporting. Bold is the winner.


Governor Stitt talks with Will Berry at the Route 66 Christmas Chute last week. Stitt will serve a second term as Oklahoma’s Governor.
  1. Kevin Stitt (R-Incumbent)
  2. Joy Hofmeister (D)
  3. Natalie Bruno (L)
  4. Ervin Stone Yen (I)

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Lieutenant Governor

  1. Matt Pinnell (R-Incumbent)
  2. Melinda Alizadeh-Fard (D)
  3. Chris Powell (L)  

Attorney General

  1. Gentner F. Drummond (R)
  2. Lynda Steele (L)

State Treasurer

  1. Todd Russ (R)
  2. Charles de Coune (D)
  3. Gregory J. Sadler (L)

State Superintendent of Public Education

  1. Ryan Walters (R)
  2. Jena Nelson (D)

Labor Commissioner

  1. Leslie Kathryn Osborn (R—Incumbent)
  2. Jack Henderson (D)
  3. Will Daugherty (L)  

Corporation Commissoiner

  1. Kim David (R)
  2. Margaret Warigia Bowman (D)
  3. Don Underwood (I)

U.S. Senate

  1. James Lankford (R—Incumbent)
  2. Madison Horn (D)
  3. Michael L. Delaney (I)
  4. Kenneth D. Blevins (L)

U.S. Senate (Unexpired Term)

  1. Markwayne Mullin (R)  
  2. Kendra Horn (D)
  3. Robert Murphy (L)
  4. Ray Woods (I)

U.S. House of Representatives

  1. Kevin Hern (R—Incumbent)
  2. Jeremiah Ross (D)
  3. Adam Martin (D)
  4. Evelyn L. Rogers (I)