Public Open House presents an opportunity to participate in Downtown Master Plan

The City of Sapulpa Downtown Master Plan development process is currently underway and ready to begin gathering input via a public open house. The public open house will be held on October 21st from 5:30-7:30 p.m. at the SeneGence Event Center, 117 E. Dewey Ave., in Sapulpa. All community members are encouraged to attend. 

The plan will combine existing planning documents into one, long-term, visionary, and comprehensive plan that positions the downtown for readiness and efficiency in attracting developer interest; emphasizes pedestrian access into and throughout downtown; improves the ability to attract quality and sustainable growth; raises expectations about downtown’s future; promotes creation of public spaces; and addresses parking needs through data-driven decision-making. The plan will specify actions to fulfill the ambitions described and will assign responsible parties or partners. 

The Downtown Master Plan will guide the future direction of downtown Sapulpa to ensure that it can continue to sustainably grow and develop to suit the needs of its residents. The plan will assess of the current state of downtown, identify downtown’s assets and future challenges, and set forth policies for future land use, transportation, recreation, quality of life, and natural resource management.

The project website is live at downtownsapulpaplan.com. Sign up for project emails. Please direct questions to nhoward@cityofsapulpa.net, or Nikki Howard, Urban Development Director, at 918-248-5917