PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Home and vehicle devastated by raging Sapulpa fire last week

In the early morning hours on February 7th, a ferocious fire destroyed the single story home located at the Northeast corner of Ridgeway and James.

Sapulpa’s B Battalion received a tone at 2:03 a.m. and upon arrival spotted, “the fire jamming pretty hard,” according to Battalion Chief Kyle Zickefoose. B Battalion rolled out two trucks and a ladder and began their defensive work on the home after ensuring the safety of the mother and son who were at home at the time of the incident.

The home was saved from collapse but deemed a total loss. This fire was the first call for Battalion B with a new crew since various personnel swapped shifts earlier this year. B Battalion welcomed veteran firemen Stanley Nunn and Greg Barnes.

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Assistant Fire Marshal Josh Wood said after five hours of investigation the ignition source was undetermined but considered un-suspicious. Identifying the source was admittedly difficult for the Marshals as the engine was extremely burnt causing any evidence to be unretrievable from the blaze’s remnants.

Several neighbors described the sounds of the early morning fire to mirror gunshots yet sounding worse than a roman candle. “This ain’t no regular fire,” one neighbor proclaimed. The explosions which occurred as part of the fire were sourced from paint cans and a propane tank located inside the garage.

Left burnt beyond recognition; the vehicle was hauled away on Friday, February 9th. The fire report is still incomplete but will likely not reveal any further details.

Over the course of the last several months the neighborhood surrounding the fire located within ward 4 of the city has been littered with alleged drug incidents thus leaving some area residents feeling unsafe and mostly concerned.



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