PHOTOS: Saturday’s “Throat-Punch” cancer benefit was about as cool as it gets

The “Throat-Punch Cancer” poker run got underway at 9 a.m., on Saturday morning, in the Creek County Courthouse parking lot, with heavily leathered men and women, their motorcycles, and a sunny, soon-to-be-hot day ahead. There were about 50 riders and nearly 40 bikes at the loud and rowdy, but well-organized event.

The riders all signed up, paid their fees, while everyone stood in small groups and chatted like long-lost buddies, which in some cases, they were. Many of the riders are firefighters and officers of the law.

There was an explanation of the map of the route from Sapulpa to Bristow and then ending at “Sign of the Times” for more festivities and displays of hand signals used to keep the “normal formation, staggered” cruisers from getting separated.

They were led in prayer by one of the bikers and then he reminded everyone about Matt Lewellyn, who is suffering from throat cancer. The run is a fundraiser for his medical bills which mount daily. He is the founder of the “Bikers Back the Blue” and in 2016, organized rides and went on many himself before becoming ill. The group all wish him good health and to participate in the rides soon.
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